A collaboration with Sage

A little while back we were up bright and early to meet and film with an amazing group of creatives for Sage.

Below is the video filled with gorgeous shots and a little interview with Jen about the business and how Sage plays into our runnings…

At Split Screen, our background is in great products and customer service: Sage allows us to have simple and flexible management of our finances.

Below is another link to an article from Sage about us, please do give it a read:



1965 campervan and award-winning coffee. What’s not to love?

We were recently featured on Derby Festé’s website in time to announce our debut at the event. It’s something we’re really looking forward to you, see ya there me ducks!

The Split Screen Coffee Co will be coming to Derby Festé for the first time this year and will be serving award-winning coffee and cake – what’s not to love? We talk to Jen Walker about how she will be able to sneak and take a look at the events in between serving Festé fans.

“We are new to Derby Festé this year and can’t wait to deliver some beautiful award-winning coffee and homemade baked goods to the people of Derby over the two festival days out of our beautifully converted 1965 campervan May.

“We have traded at Sheena Holland’s wonderfully eclectic Night Markets for the past two years, both in Derby and Nottingham and they really do showcase some of the amazing small, unique independent businesses we have here in the East Midlands.  The Derby Festé organisers knew what they were doing when they asked Sheena to organise a Night Market for them.

“I’m sure there will be a buzz around the beautiful Cathedral Quarter during the colour parade and will be one not to be missed.  I will be ready with my camera to grab some colourful shots to be splashing all over my Instragram page.

“Obviously, being a campervan owner myself, I am gonna try and sneak out to see Campervan of Love and I love acrobatics and seeing how people can train their bodies in all sorts of ways so will be heading to the World of Circus to be wowed.

“There also has to be a call to the people of Derby and the East Midland to make the effort to get out and make the most of this kind of event.  As we have seen these past years, if we don’t use it, we can lose it.  So get out there and enjoy and pop by to see us and grab a coffee as you soak up the atmosphere on your doorstep.”


Hello again you gorgeous people!

It’s been a little while since we posted here, but May has returned from a glorious Glampfest set in the picturesque God’s Own County of Yorkshire, and we felt it was well worth sharing. It was all friendship, love, the great outdoors, and food. What’s not to like?!


Please do have a read of this wonderful blog, which beautifully photographed and documented the occasion:


As always, do keep an eye on our social media for up-coming events, we’re set to be busy as we roll into summer!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all!

Apologies for the lack of posting, we’ve been so busy and active elsewhere.
2016 was a resounding success as we had our first full year of business.

We went to so many shows, markets, festivals, weddings, and fairs. We’d like to thank everyone who supported, and continues to support, our trade.
We’ve grown as a business; taking on new employees, exploring new opportunities, and always taking on a new challenge. I don’t know how we’d keep our energy up if it weren’t for coffee!

With the new year comes plenty of bookings. We’re looking ahead to a very full year (keep in the loop through our social media or the Upcoming Events on this blog which will be updated).

We hope to see you out there!


Summer Events

As we approached our one year anniversary, we have had quite the successes at recent events.

The summer was a messy start with Split Screen at Mudstock which was a muddy family excursion with a lot of ruined socks and a lot of fun!
Then later, in August, Jen was catering for the wedding of a lovely coffee-loving couple at Tudor Barn. The day after, we were at Trent Basin catering for prospective buyers of the luxury flats and houses in the new development on the outskirts of Nottingham’s city centre.

The weekend after saw us at Gloworm, the first year of a family festival set in Clumber Park.
With arts and crafts, a wide selection of bars and food outlets, rides, a mini beach, a small big top circus, and live entertainment, the first year of the festival was a resounding success for all involved.

The weather held well throughout most of the weekend, except from about 5 on the Saturday, before the great Dick and Dom took to the stage. People fled to their cars and under canopies to escape the rain. For their set though, everyone scurried back out for entertainment for all ages and which got everyone involved.
Mr Bloom and Toploader took the headline for the Sunday, and they were equally as popular.

Bring on the next week and it was our anniversary – the year had brought us back to the venue of our first event; Newstead Abbey.

A gorgeous weekend (with the odd shower) saw a flurry of people flock to see the likes of Michael Caines, Simon Rimmer, and The Great British Bake Off’s Nancy Birtwhistle as well as the array of food stuffs, locally distilled gin (yum!), and entertainment.

Hunkering out of the rain at Gloworm

As much a success as last year, we reflected on the past year. All the hiccups, teething problems, and successes any new business has. Personally, this year has been somewhat of a great juggling act and emotional roller coaster. With keeping down 5 jobs, family bereavements it’s safe to say I’ve been a bit of a mess, but Jen has been the most supportive and caring employer and friend to me during this time. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Another new employee joined us over this anniversary weekend, so you can see, the business is expanding and we’re only going to get better.
Our time gets booked up more and more quickly, and we’re always thrilled to be a part of anything, be it a party, wedding, or event.

Following another week on, Calke Abbey was another resounding success, with a line up of talks from the two Master Chef judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode, and previous contestant Dean Edwards. While Saturday’s weather was miserable, people still weathered the rain to see what the abbey had to offer.
As ever, you really have to come and see these events to see just how much is on, and how much enthusiasm each vendor puts into their business.

As September has begun, I see this as a mark of the end of our hectic summer, and the beginning of the equally busy autumn and winter season, so stay tuned for those events!

May sunning it up at Newstead Abbey for the second year





Early July’s Events

July was set to be one of the busiest months for Split Screen since we began nearly a year ago. With five events all over the midlands, the first two have gone very well!

Firstly Nottingham’s Night Market…

A little shot of the masses of people at Nottingham Night Market

With everything from micro-brewers, independent jewellery and clothing designers, to local producers, as well as live entertainment, the night was a success for everyone. With some 12,000 people turning up, it goes to show how local people come out in droves to support those in the community.
Anthony Hopkins, 31, from Sherwood spoke to a reporter from the Nottingham Post and said how he “… really like[s] the way everything [is] brought together here – I think it should a common thing in the Lace Market. It all smells great and the turn out is amazing, it’s just really cool.”

It’s so important to support for independent businesses, keeping the character of a city alive, and showcasing talent and local produce. These night markets have been amazing for bringing people together and showing these businesses to their city. I hope there are many more to come, and fortunately there seems to be no sign of them stopping, and the organiser has said through her social media how she is looking in to having night markets in more cities!

And if you missed this one, there is set to be another in the winter in both Nottingham and Derby.

Secondly, Lichfield’s Fuse Festival; a free festival featuring loads of family entertainment and a multitude of food and drink.


It may not have been wall to wall sunshine, but no spirits were dampened and it was a fantastic event. The festival is organised by Lichfield Arts who give a creative outlet for the community with workshops, music, and art on offer. Spanning three days, there was never a pause in the music or energy.
Whilst at this point I’m not sure how many people attended the festival, it was easily in the thousands, and we had a great time serving and chatting to all the visitors and volunteers.


Let’s hope the other events will be as good as these ones! Stay tuned later in the month to see how they go 🙂

image (3)

*Featured image of pianist at Nottingham Night Market from Diana Parkhouse

Bus Stop Over – 17th, 18th, & 19th June

Firstly, some VW Van porn…

Set in Newark’s Showground, the Bus Stop Over was a bringing together of all VW buses and an ensemble of traders selling anything from vintage wares and personalised VW memorabilia to home cooked grub all along with a couple of nights camping. Family friendly, pet friendly, and fun having – this was a great opportunity for like-minded VW petrol heads to get together and jam.

Credit to our Tiffany for these shots!

This was the first time we did a show as a trio and it worked out wonderfully; we all got proper breaks and got to have a really good look around and a chance to mingle in between the coffee serving. It was a fantastic event where we weren’t rushed beyond belief, and the people were all friendly and in high spirits.

There was a lot on for entertainment over the three days including live music and little events like The Bark in the Park Dog Show! – I met the winner, she was a lovely pup. They also had this Blue Brothers-esque cop car that anyone could write on – but believe me, it did get somewhat tiring when one child discovered the horn.

Image taken from Facebook, credit to Lee Perry

All in all, a very chilled atmosphere with very chilled people, and very cool motors. Not a bad little weekend.

And remember, if you can’t afford a VW camper van, but want in on the fun next year, you can always get yourself one of these…

Why buy a bus when you can get this?

Nottingham Castle – 28th, 29th, & 30th of May


Introducing our new employee, the lovely Tiffany!

The first day we were joined by budding new recruit, Tiffany. Hailing from the great US of A, she will be a new regular joining May, Jen, and me on our rounds 🙂

Notts Castle
Image taken from Nottingham Castle’s Instagram page

Over the long weekend the people on the front gates (and the organising fellows from the Great Food and Drink Festivals) told me there were some 12,000 visitors to the castle! And would you believe it, the weather as gorgeous. No rain. Simply unprecedented.
We were soaking up the sun as the homemade lemonade sold out, about ten bags of coffee were gone through, and all of the cakes were sold.

Some of the vendors and exhibitors at this event were also at Prestwold Hall, and it was great to see the familiar faces along with their usual orders. It seemed more apparent to me at this event just how local it all was. Almost everything and everyone was East Midlands sourced and/ or based. As such there was a great sense of community. Everyone seemed to know each other, and they all seemed to know the producers, farmers, or butchers, who had all come along to indulge in the food and drink on offer.

Many people seemed to be fawning over the prospect of seeing Tom Kerridge, (a man who I’ve been told on good authority thoroughly approves of our coffee) hence the huge amount of visitors. A lot of the castle’s social media was saying how this was the biggest instance of this event, with the most exhibitors and most tickets sold in advance in its history. It showed, and the event had a lively buzz about it, with everyone enthusiastic to try this and look at that.
The amount of visitors is comparable to the first event we ever did – Newstead Abbey in 2015 – Jen and I both remarked on how relatively quiet the event at the castle seemed, and that it was clear how much we’ve adapted and developed in that we were almost overwhelmed last year, and this time, we needed more people to serve!

We’re looking forward to this jam packed summer we have ahead of us!

A Little Post…

… about The Galleries of Justice and a publicity update.

Last Saturday Jen went solo in The Vintage Bazaar at The Galleries of Justice, it was perfect weather, hazy sunshine and a cool breeze.
With stalls selling bric-a-brac from the 1920s to the 1970s there was a wealth of retro, kitsch, and vintage stuff on offer, plus a range of food and drink stalls.

The Vintage Bazaar – Image taken from the Nottingham Post
May at The Vintage Bazaar

The event was only for the day, so there isn’t too much more to be said – a great little gig!

In other recent news, Jen and May have gone and had themselves a quaint little photo-shoot…


Photos by Amanda McConnell

Publicity and image are such a huge part of making a business heard, hence the above photos. There are more to come, so stay tuned for those 🙂