Coffee Lovers

We have compiled a list of 5 unique ideas to include little coffee pick-me-ups in your wedding.

One of our first weddings.
Photo Credit Grace Elizabeth Photography

1. Morning after coffee surprise

Festival Wedding

For this wedding in rural Leicestershire we arrived before the guests had emerged from their tents after having partied the night away in a marquee. There was lots of love for our coffee that morning and we were a wonderful sight for some very sore eyes.

That time reminiscing about the night before is special. Do plan a low-key gathering the next morning with your mates where they can fill you in on all the wedding shenanigans that happened and carry on the love and laughs for another few hours.

2. Coffee Cocktails

Atmospheric outdoor bar service

Espresso martinis will keep your guests fuelled and dancing to the wee hours. This wedding in Yorkshire was blessed with gorgeous weather and the guests made the most of the warmth. Coffee and coffee cocktails are still on trend and including both gives your guests different options. Including barista coffee and coffee cocktails is wonderful way to make the transition from dinner to evening reception.

Unconventional dessert options at this stage can be another way of expressing your personality as a couple. Doughnuts, macarons, brownies, shortbread are all wonderful little sweets that go beautifully with a cup of good strong coffee.

3. Coffee Desserts


Affogato is vanilla ice cream with hot espresso poured on top. I can not think of a better end to a meal…

4. A Coffee Station

Tipi weddings allow you to be creative with food and drink.

A beautifully decorated coffee station that can include professional baristas, personalised coffee blend from a local roasting house and cups to suit the style of your wedding giving your guests a unique coffee experience that maybe hints at your own love of coffee or the place you met.

5. Coffee Favours


Giving away reusable coffee cups or personalised mugs is a fantastic idea as wedding favours showing concern for the environment support for local small coffee businesses.

We love KeepCups because they have glass alternatives and wonderful selection of colours and sizes to suit most tastes.

A customised coffee blend from your favourite local roasting house in packaging of your own design is also another wonderful idea that can add a personal touch to your special day.

Say hello to our new coffee supplier and my new Aeropress.

Keeping it local…


It doesn’t take much research or watching of the news to realise there is a change afoot.  People are wanting to know where their products are coming from and they want to know the people they are buying from.  Businesses with a good knack for interacting with their customers on social media or in more traditional methods seem to be making gains in ways that larger, more austere and rigid companies are not.  Flexibility and a human face seems to be what is generating the most interest and excitement.

I find this an excellent prospect as a consumer and as a small business owner.  Knowing the makers is wonderful.

With all this in mind I have decided to make a change in my coffee supplier.  For those of you who know us, we have been with 200 degrees for the past 3 years and have nothing but praise and admiration for them.  They have always been hugely supportive of what we do and I will miss the people and service they offer (not to mention their wonderful coffee).  But, in the spirit of keeping things small and being able to walk into the roasting house whenever I want to (I love being able to go into the roastery and have a nosy) I have decided to start a new coffee relationship with the lovely people at Stewarts of Trent Bridge.  Stewarts is named after Nottingham’s coffee visionary Stewart Falconer, who hand roasting coffee in the 80’s, before the word “artisan” even existed. They are still using the original roaster he bought for the job all those years ago which is a joy to watch – easily done by peering through the glass windows of Sneinton Market.


So far we have had a lot of love for our coffee and I hope this continues.  We still feel there is no excuse for bad coffee anywhere anymore.

Quick-fire Aeropress Review

I bought an Aeropress and I love it.  If you are thinking of trying out this new (i.e. not ancient) brewing method  here are the positives and a few, slight, minor,  negatives.



  1. it makes a good cup of coffee,
  2. there is no grit or grinds in that afore mentioned good cup of coffee,
  3. it’s easy (once you’ve worked out what all the separate parts do) to make a good cup of coffee and you can experiment with different ways and types, 
  4. good brewing method on-the-go and when travelling/camping,
  5. it’s easy to clean,
  6. Not expensive.


  1. there are a lot of parts and they don’t stack in a tidy way,
  2. you can only brew 1 (maybe 2 cups) at a time.

Vintage, Sourdough and May


Vintage at The Classic Car Boot Sale

Twice a year at King’s Cross there is Hemingway Design’s Classic Car Boot Sale

Forget what you think you know about car boot sales.  All traders are hand-picked by the Hemingway team and you will find some of the tastiest food around all served out of vintage vehicles.  I was tempted to annihilate your inbox with atmospheric photos from The Classic Car Boot’s Facebook account (photo credit to Mykola Romanovsky from last month but encourage you to visit and peruse at your leisure. It is a real feast for the eyes and will have you translating each face for meaning and looking for hidden treasures amongst the classic cars and London brick.
Of course we were there serving up the hot coffees for all the cold punters as it was a chilly weekend in London Town but that didn’t stop the cars, dancing, cycling and amazing vintage outfits from coming out of the woodwork.
Always a pleasure and looking forward to next year.

bread food fresh hands
Photo by Pixabay on

The Craft of Sourdough

I’ve developed a liking for sourdough bread and was keen to find out the science and learn some tips about how to bake the best loaf.  So, I booked myself on the half day course at the wonderful School of Artisan Food  in Nottinghamshire’s Welbeck estate.  It’s a beautiful place, located in Sherwood forest, you feel inspired to join the impressive ranks of artisan food alumni just driving up the long drive to the school.
You may recognise it’s founder, Alison Swan Parente, from the BBC two series, Top of the Shop ( who began the school from very noble and admirable intentions – baking and making can change lives.  The School is a registered charity and, as a not-for-profit institution, is committed to providing the widest possible access to its facilities.  This was my third time and each time I come back inspired and determined to be braver in the my business and my kitchen.

I was lucky enough to be taught my David who had been made redundant and got through tough times by baking bread which then developed to him being a teacher at the school.  He’s enthusiasm for the benefits of bread making are contagious and his knowledge enlightening – and like a true educator you can ask him anything.

My own adventures in starting a culture have been mixed.  First few days I meticulously added more flour and hand warm water, tucking it safely away in my airing cupboard to then forget about it when we had friends up for the bank holiday weekend and discover it had exploded.  Not to be deterred by the failure of my first attempt I plan to start another in the high hopes that the next levain will become something of legend I can pass down to my children (so far they seem unimpressed by the idea).

Wish me luck!




A collaboration with Sage

A little while back we were up bright and early to meet and film with an amazing group of creatives for Sage.

Below is the video filled with gorgeous shots and a little interview with Jen about the business and how Sage plays into our runnings…

At Split Screen, our background is in great products and customer service: Sage allows us to have simple and flexible management of our finances.

Below is another link to an article from Sage about us, please do give it a read:

1965 campervan and award-winning coffee. What’s not to love?

We were recently featured on Derby Festé’s website in time to announce our debut at the event. It’s something we’re really looking forward to you, see ya there me ducks!

The Split Screen Coffee Co will be coming to Derby Festé for the first time this year and will be serving award-winning coffee and cake – what’s not to love? We talk to Jen Walker about how she will be able to sneak and take a look at the events in between serving Festé fans.

“We are new to Derby Festé this year and can’t wait to deliver some beautiful award-winning coffee and homemade baked goods to the people of Derby over the two festival days out of our beautifully converted 1965 campervan May.

“We have traded at Sheena Holland’s wonderfully eclectic Night Markets for the past two years, both in Derby and Nottingham and they really do showcase some of the amazing small, unique independent businesses we have here in the East Midlands.  The Derby Festé organisers knew what they were doing when they asked Sheena to organise a Night Market for them.

“I’m sure there will be a buzz around the beautiful Cathedral Quarter during the colour parade and will be one not to be missed.  I will be ready with my camera to grab some colourful shots to be splashing all over my Instragram page.

“Obviously, being a campervan owner myself, I am gonna try and sneak out to see Campervan of Love and I love acrobatics and seeing how people can train their bodies in all sorts of ways so will be heading to the World of Circus to be wowed.

“There also has to be a call to the people of Derby and the East Midland to make the effort to get out and make the most of this kind of event.  As we have seen these past years, if we don’t use it, we can lose it.  So get out there and enjoy and pop by to see us and grab a coffee as you soak up the atmosphere on your doorstep.”


Hello again you gorgeous people!

It’s been a little while since we posted here, but May has returned from a glorious Glampfest set in the picturesque God’s Own County of Yorkshire, and we felt it was well worth sharing. It was all friendship, love, the great outdoors, and food. What’s not to like?!


Please do have a read of this wonderful blog, which beautifully photographed and documented the occasion:

As always, do keep an eye on our social media for up-coming events, we’re set to be busy as we roll into summer!

Guest Blog

Happy Easter to all of you wonderful creatures out there! This is a quick little post featuring our chums at Sami Tipi. 

They’re a bunch of groovy cats who cater to those with a passion for the alternative in all those special occasions you need to celebrate. 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all!

Apologies for the lack of posting, we’ve been so busy and active elsewhere.
2016 was a resounding success as we had our first full year of business.

We went to so many shows, markets, festivals, weddings, and fairs. We’d like to thank everyone who supported, and continues to support, our trade.
We’ve grown as a business; taking on new employees, exploring new opportunities, and always taking on a new challenge. I don’t know how we’d keep our energy up if it weren’t for coffee!

With the new year comes plenty of bookings. We’re looking ahead to a very full year (keep in the loop through our social media or the Upcoming Events on this blog which will be updated).

We hope to see you out there!