Coffee Lovers

We have compiled a list of 5 unique ideas to include little coffee pick-me-ups in your wedding.

One of our first weddings.
Photo Credit Grace Elizabeth Photography

1. Morning after coffee surprise

Festival Wedding

For this wedding in rural Leicestershire we arrived before the guests had emerged from their tents after having partied the night away in a marquee. There was lots of love for our coffee that morning and we were a wonderful sight for some very sore eyes.

That time reminiscing about the night before is special. Do plan a low-key gathering the next morning with your mates where they can fill you in on all the wedding shenanigans that happened and carry on the love and laughs for another few hours.

2. Coffee Cocktails

Atmospheric outdoor bar service

Espresso martinis will keep your guests fuelled and dancing to the wee hours. This wedding in Yorkshire was blessed with gorgeous weather and the guests made the most of the warmth. Coffee and coffee cocktails are still on trend and including both gives your guests different options. Including barista coffee and coffee cocktails is wonderful way to make the transition from dinner to evening reception.

Unconventional dessert options at this stage can be another way of expressing your personality as a couple. Doughnuts, macarons, brownies, shortbread are all wonderful little sweets that go beautifully with a cup of good strong coffee.

3. Coffee Desserts


Affogato is vanilla ice cream with hot espresso poured on top. I can not think of a better end to a meal…

4. A Coffee Station

Tipi weddings allow you to be creative with food and drink.

A beautifully decorated coffee station that can include professional baristas, personalised coffee blend from a local roasting house and cups to suit the style of your wedding giving your guests a unique coffee experience that maybe hints at your own love of coffee or the place you met.

5. Coffee Favours


Giving away reusable coffee cups or personalised mugs is a fantastic idea as wedding favours showing concern for the environment support for local small coffee businesses.

We love KeepCups because they have glass alternatives and wonderful selection of colours and sizes to suit most tastes.

A customised coffee blend from your favourite local roasting house in packaging of your own design is also another wonderful idea that can add a personal touch to your special day.