Say hello to our new coffee supplier and my new Aeropress.

Keeping it local…


It doesn’t take much research or watching of the news to realise there is a change afoot.  People are wanting to know where their products are coming from and they want to know the people they are buying from.  Businesses with a good knack for interacting with their customers on social media or in more traditional methods seem to be making gains in ways that larger, more austere and rigid companies are not.  Flexibility and a human face seems to be what is generating the most interest and excitement.

I find this an excellent prospect as a consumer and as a small business owner.  Knowing the makers is wonderful.

With all this in mind I have decided to make a change in my coffee supplier.  For those of you who know us, we have been with 200 degrees for the past 3 years and have nothing but praise and admiration for them.  They have always been hugely supportive of what we do and I will miss the people and service they offer (not to mention their wonderful coffee).  But, in the spirit of keeping things small and being able to walk into the roasting house whenever I want to (I love being able to go into the roastery and have a nosy) I have decided to start a new coffee relationship with the lovely people at Stewarts of Trent Bridge.  Stewarts is named after Nottingham’s coffee visionary Stewart Falconer, who hand roasting coffee in the 80’s, before the word “artisan” even existed. They are still using the original roaster he bought for the job all those years ago which is a joy to watch – easily done by peering through the glass windows of Sneinton Market.


So far we have had a lot of love for our coffee and I hope this continues.  We still feel there is no excuse for bad coffee anywhere anymore.

Quick-fire Aeropress Review

I bought an Aeropress and I love it.  If you are thinking of trying out this new (i.e. not ancient) brewing method  here are the positives and a few, slight, minor,  negatives.



  1. it makes a good cup of coffee,
  2. there is no grit or grinds in that afore mentioned good cup of coffee,
  3. it’s easy (once you’ve worked out what all the separate parts do) to make a good cup of coffee and you can experiment with different ways and types, 
  4. good brewing method on-the-go and when travelling/camping,
  5. it’s easy to clean,
  6. Not expensive.


  1. there are a lot of parts and they don’t stack in a tidy way,
  2. you can only brew 1 (maybe 2 cups) at a time.

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