Bus Stop Over – 17th, 18th, & 19th June

Firstly, some VW Van porn…

Set in Newark’s Showground, the Bus Stop Over was a bringing together of all VW buses and an ensemble of traders selling anything from vintage wares and personalised VW memorabilia to home cooked grub all along with a couple of nights camping. Family friendly, pet friendly, and fun having – this was a great opportunity for like-minded VW petrol heads to get together and jam.

Credit to our Tiffany for these shots!

This was the first time we did a show as a trio and it worked out wonderfully; we all got proper breaks and got to have a really good look around and a chance to mingle in between the coffee serving. It was a fantastic event where we weren’t rushed beyond belief, and the people were all friendly and in high spirits.

There was a lot on for entertainment over the three days including live music and little events like The Bark in the Park Dog Show! – I met the winner, she was a lovely pup. They also had this Blue Brothers-esque cop car that anyone could write on – but believe me, it did get somewhat tiring when one child discovered the horn.

Image taken from Facebook, credit to Lee Perry

All in all, a very chilled atmosphere with very chilled people, and very cool motors. Not a bad little weekend.

And remember, if you can’t afford a VW camper van, but want in on the fun next year, you can always get yourself one of these…

Why buy a bus when you can get this?

Nottingham Castle – 28th, 29th, & 30th of May


Introducing our new employee, the lovely Tiffany!

The first day we were joined by budding new recruit, Tiffany. Hailing from the great US of A, she will be a new regular joining May, Jen, and me on our rounds 🙂

Notts Castle
Image taken from Nottingham Castle’s Instagram page

Over the long weekend the people on the front gates (and the organising fellows from the Great Food and Drink Festivals) told me there were some 12,000 visitors to the castle! And would you believe it, the weather as gorgeous. No rain. Simply unprecedented.
We were soaking up the sun as the homemade lemonade sold out, about ten bags of coffee were gone through, and all of the cakes were sold.

Some of the vendors and exhibitors at this event were also at Prestwold Hall, and it was great to see the familiar faces along with their usual orders. It seemed more apparent to me at this event just how local it all was. Almost everything and everyone was East Midlands sourced and/ or based. As such there was a great sense of community. Everyone seemed to know each other, and they all seemed to know the producers, farmers, or butchers, who had all come along to indulge in the food and drink on offer.

Many people seemed to be fawning over the prospect of seeing Tom Kerridge, (a man who I’ve been told on good authority thoroughly approves of our coffee) hence the huge amount of visitors. A lot of the castle’s social media was saying how this was the biggest instance of this event, with the most exhibitors and most tickets sold in advance in its history. It showed, and the event had a lively buzz about it, with everyone enthusiastic to try this and look at that.
The amount of visitors is comparable to the first event we ever did – Newstead Abbey in 2015 – Jen and I both remarked on how relatively quiet the event at the castle seemed, and that it was clear how much we’ve adapted and developed in that we were almost overwhelmed last year, and this time, we needed more people to serve!

We’re looking forward to this jam packed summer we have ahead of us!